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    Responding to the unexpected

    Every day, care workers need to respond to the unexpected and challenging behaviours of the people they care for. Alzheimer’s Society research says that 850,000 people in the UK suffer from dementia today, with an expected 2 million by 2051. Talk Reflection is a dedicated Web App designed to enhance carers’ ability to share experiences and learn from one another by creating groups that can communicate in real-time to discuss new and better ways of delivering care.

    Talk Reflection

    Responding to the challenge

    Talk Reflection is a group messaging tool which enables care workers to post messages about their current work: challenging behaviours, difficult conversations, good experiences, etc. Colleagues are arranged into groups to share thoughts, experiences, and trends and together the group members can find new solutions, which become good practice.

    Group members are proposed by managers and may include care staff from one unit or institution, or from multiple units. They may also include other health professionals.

    Example Thread – Quality of Life

    Experience post

    “One of my resident came this morning for newspaper activity, but doesn’t understand English. She speak Spanish, and she have interest in it. So friends tell something about it.”

    Comments posted by other carers in the group:

    “Haa! Commotion maybe you should start learning how to speak Spanish (joke).”

    “Report it to the manager so they can get someone who understands the language.”

    “We have Spanish volunteers that come to see Spanish residents. I will suggest they read and translate newspapers to that resident!”

    “Sometimes it's very frustrating when you really want to help and you can't. At times I try to sign language….”

    “Maybe we can get someone to bring in Spanish books or …a newspaper from time to time.”

  • Who We Are

    An experienced team

    Lydia Hirst


    Talk Reflection evolved from Lydia's research into the use of new technologies to support collaborative reflection in residential care homes. Our team is all about empowering care staff to learn on-the-job to deliver high quality care. LH Consulting enables managers to develop and implement business strategies and plans, through facilitation, training, and mentoring. We support people by encouraging self-awareness and learning.

    Lydia's LinkedIn Profile 

    Greg Hirst


    Greg draws on over 25 years of experience at director level in global hi-tech businesses. Equally at home in both start-up companies and more mature organisations he offers a critical and analytical approach based on personal insights from a career that has spanned digital broadcast media, banking, finance and the process industries.

    Michael Prilla

    Academic Partner

    Prof. Prilla works and teaches human computer interaction and cooperative work at Clausthal University of Technology in Germany. He investigates how people work and learn together and aims at supporting this with IT solutions. Together with his team he built the initial version of the Talk Reflection App.

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    June 1, 2017
    Talk Reflection is delighted to announce that the RSA Catalyst fund will support our work in finding Care Providers to run up to 6-month trials in 2017. Recent academic studies have shown the benefits to carers, service users, managers and provider organisations in the use of collaboration and...
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